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Healing with Amber

For thousands of years, amber was not only used decorative purposes, it was also valued for its reputed magical and medicinal properties. Common treatments included drinking amber powders or infusions, burning amber incense, wearing or holding amulets and applying amber gems to wounds or disease-afflicted areas.

Healing properties traditionally associated with amber:

Promotes patience, intuition, selflessness, strength, calmness
Helps the bearer to gain wisdom, energy, focus and balance
Linked to romantic love
Purifies/clears negative energy
Beneficial to the spleen, heart and endocrine system
Has a positive influence on infections, asthma & sinus trouble and rheumatism, among others

Due to increased interest regarding holistic ways of diagnosing and treating illnesses in recent times, healing with gems has become an accepted part of alternative medicine.
Both traditional and alternative medicine recognizes that, for many people, it is the power of positive thought which plays a decisive role in the healing process. Whether or not amber jewelery in fact possesses the properties ascribed to it, it can act as a focus for self-affirmation, thus supporting recovery.



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