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Caring for your Amber

In addition to being a naturally soft and brittle gem, amber is susceptible to fire, alcohol and chemicals. However, the original polished look of your amber jewelry can be preserved if it is handled and stored carefully.


Contact with chemicals can cause amber to develop a dull coating that is difficult, if not impossible, to remove. Never let amber come in contact with detergents and solutions, not even jewelry cleaning solutions.

To prevent chipping, amber jewelry should be stored so that it does not rub against hard surfaces (metal etc.). Storing amber in a soft cloth is recommended.

Avoid exposing the jewelry to sudden changes of temperature and excessive heat or cold, as it may crack.

Please apply perfumes, hairsprays and other alcohol-based substances before putting on amber jewelry.

Remove dust or dirt using lukewarm water and a soft cloth. To restore polish, rub on a drop of olive oil and buff with a soft cloth until the excess oil is removed.




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